Tuesday, 23 January 2018



We are all unique individuals when it comes to body shape so it is important to get to know what shape you are and how to dress to suit your shape. Rather than focus on your bad points, focus on your good points and work from there. Its all about showing what you have rather than what you do not have so enhance your assets and show them off.
Whether your tall and slender or short and curvy you can work with your shape and create a silhouette a size smaller by wearing the right cloths and underwear.
Here are some of the most common body shapes ,use these tips as a guide to see what shape you are.

Your lower body is bigger than your top half , in other words your bottom is rounder and your waist is smaller so emphasize your waist and top half and wear garments that flow over your bottom half.
A line skirts and dresses will suit you.Wear dark colors on your bottom half as you will make you appear slimmer.Show off your arms and shoulders by wearing off the shoulder tops or square neckline, this will even out your shape.

Most of your weight is in your top half, your back ,shoulders and stomach region are your bigger parts . Your best assets are probably your legs so show them off.Your aim is to create an illusion of a waistline and draw attention away from your stubborn areas.
Deep v necklines will work best for you and make you look longer and leaner.Wear skinny belts on the smallest part of your waist to create a waistline.Wear a good fitting bra with plenty support and lift,this makes all the difference to a pear shape.If you are comfortable with your legs show them off , this will take attention away from your midsection.

Rectangle shapes generally have a slender athletic build, your waist and shoulders are similar build and your arms and legs are your best assets. Overall you have a pretty good shape and do not have to minimize any areas.
You are lucky and can wear lots of things , all things frilly and floaty and skin tight, experiment with color and wear sweetheart necklines to make the most of what you have in the chest department.

Your shoulders and hips are similar in proportion and you have a tiny waist.You have great curves so show them off.
Wear fitted dresses that sinch in at the waist. Wear wrap dresses , these are great for curves and they show off a tiny waist. Jeans also work well for you wear skinny or straight leg jeans. Belts are a great way to define your waist.

Square shapes have a broader shape and have big shoulders with no defined waist. Most square shapes opt for baggy cloths which are not always the best option.
Wear anything that creates a waist , again wrap over dresses will work for you. Asymmetrical shapes that drape over your hips and bum.Garments with pattern also work but avoid large prints.

There are lots more body shapes, here are just a few of the most common ones, you may be a mix between a few shapes so take a look at yourself and and determine what shape you are. Embrace your bodies ladies and make the most of what you have.


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Monday, 6 March 2017


It is that time of year again when Spring is in the air and we are feeling like a fresh start and re vamp 
Whether it is a fresh start in your diet, exercise regime or wardrobe it is good to focus on your goal and set out to achieve it
It may seem like a daunting task initially but nothing ever happens without some hard graft involved.

In this blog I am going to take you through some easy tips on de cluttering your wardrobe and how to re organize your wardrobe so every garment is easy to see and access.


We are all guilty of starting our de cluttering only to give up a few minutes later. Do your wardrobe bit by bit
Starting with shelving  moving on to hanging space then drawers followed by your shoes. Have separate piles , one pile for keeps , second pile for maybes and another pile for the charity shop. 
If it has not been worn in the past six months or year , it is time to say good bye.

When you are clearing your wardrobe you should ask yourself some questions 

1 Does the garment still fit.
2 Have I worn it recently.
3 Is it currently still on trend or in good condition.
4 Will I wear it again.
5 Do I feel confident in it. 

If any these questions answer is NO it is time to say cheerio 
Not all of us have closet space like the SATC ladies so be brave and ditch the trash.

Having less in your wardrobe can actually be a lot more benefical as you can see your cloths and create several different looks by using just a few pieces. 


Hang your dresses in order for example put dressy with dressy, casual dresses with casual , color co ordinate and sort by strap ,length and sleeve. This will make picking a dress to wear so much easier.

Jeans can either be folded or hung, sort by wash,color and leg length

Skirts should be hung on clip hangers and in color and length.

Shirts and dressy tops should be hung in color and sorted by sleeve and fabric.

Fold heavy knits and jumpers or have a separate trunk.

Shoes should be matched up in pairs and like styles together.Shoe racks can be handy but can also take up room so if you have space keep the boxes and store at the bottom of your wardrobe 

Bags /Scarves /Hats
Keep your bags and hats in there dust bags.If necessary ,take photos and attach to the outside of the dustbags. This will make life easier when rooting.
Fold scarves in color

Hope my tips will inspire you and get you on the right track for organizing your wardrobe.
If you need some help I am on hand and will gladly get your wardrobe into ship shape order.
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Your wardrobe is like a library of your cloths which reflect you.


Wednesday, 1 March 2017


In this article I am going to share with you all some fashion quick fixes and smart tips on dressing and getting the most out of your wardrobe. 

Women often wear trousers which are to long or to short, generally your hemline should just hit the top of your shoes and your shoes should be approximately half to three quarter inch off the floor.

Okay I think we have all seen or did this at some stage in our lives, when there is a little bit too much flesh on show, if your upper half is on show well keep it classy ,wear streamline trousers or a nice pencil skirt, likewise if your flaunting your legs cover up your top. 

Well its logic good underwear equals half the battle when it comes to nice fitting cloths , so when you are going shopping for something special wear your suitable undies, you will get a better idea of what looks good and what does not, also bring heels , its amazing how an extra inch makes you feel and look better.

If jeans are stretchy when they are off , remember they are the same on, always go down a size with stretch jeans, I know I have made this mistake, bought jeans that are stretchy, worn them once and with in an hour they are baggy, so get wise and buy a size down.

Nude works with almost anything so when in doubt , wear nude shoes.Staple in any ladies wardrobe.

It is Murphys Law, you will need your kit when you least expect it , so buy yourself a cheap little kit and have it in your handbag for that just in case moment.

Diamond Studs and Pearls are for keeps
Remember getting your ears pierced , and having to wear diamond studs for about a month after, I bet you swore you would never wear them again yet believe me they are always classic so always have a pair at hand. 

 Here is just a few Tips to keep you on trend and wise in the world of fashion. 

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Stay Fashionable 

Amarie XXX

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

                                                            FEATURED SHOP  SWAMP FASHIONS

                                                                         FEELING  SAVVY IN SWAMP



Monday, 8 August 2016


             FEATURED SHOP BORN 👗👔👘👔👚👗👘👛👠

Fashion at your Finger Tips

                                        FASHION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS 

Who else loves Shopping and finding everything they need under one roof. I know I certainly do . Shopping centres seem to be the answer nowadays  , free parking , coffee shops , fashion galore , play areas for the kiddies and an array of everything  you could possibly need. 

I'm always scooting around and just the other day I popped into Wilton Shopping Center Cork a childhood shopping centre I have always loved. 
There is such a variety of shops to choose from .Its a one stop shopping centre where you are sure to find what you need .
 I started my browse in New Look and then in to Born and Swamp ,Mods to Minis , Paco followed by lifestyle sports before I popped down to the opposite end of the centre . 
Each shop has something different to offer and varied tastes that will please all ages

New look offers high street affordable fashion, while the other boutiques which are located down by Tesco "Born and Swamp "are unique and cater for loads of different styles and occasions from casual day wear to wedding wear to Saturday night combos.
Price ranges vary and age groups of both boutiques are from about 20 upwards. 
                                                FEEL BEAUTIFUL IN BORN
I spotted The must have Freddy Jeans in Born, whilst they are pricey on your pocket there guaranteed to give you a shaped bum that you will be proud of. Alongside the dressy jeans were   Stretch trousers from Decollage. 
These little beauties are a god sent , when I worked in Fiona's these were our best sellers . They range in different colours from nudes to darker winter shades to take you right through to Winter. If you want comfort these are your answer ladies. 
Another label i spotted in Born that tickled my fancy was Villa , it's one of my all time favourite labels. It's reasonably priced and never seems to disappoint in the fashion stakes. 
I have purchased a few pairs of leather trousers from this label over the years they have stood the test of time.

                                                           SAVVY IN SWAMP 
Across from Born is Swamp fashion. Swamp often features on Morning Am so your more than likely familiar with this Aladdins Cave of fab fashions. Beautiful bright colours and amazing shift dresses with geometric prints and block bright bold colours enticed me in. 
Stunning dresses from Closet were accompanied with matching jackets making perfect occasion outfits for weddings, communions etc.                                                          
                                                         MODS TO MINIS
It's  not all about us ladies ,we can't forget the kiddies. 
Mods to minis cater for new borns right up to teenagers . So it's a one stop shop for your little prince and princesses. Separates aswell as Sets can be found here. And they offer a wide range of styles from your little man suits to your casual jeans and tops . 

                                                        FOR THE SPORTY CREW 
Lifestyle sports aswell as Sketchers will keep those of you who are Addicted to Sports happy . Lots of brightly coloured Comfy sketchers will keep your tootsies comfy and keep that Spring in your step . I really have to invest in a pair of  these. 
Lifestyle sports offers all the latest football kits along with your sporty labels and runners .Its unisex so there is something for all the family . 

Last shop I am going to mention before I venture down the other side of the centre . As long as I remember Paco been a highly regarded label . It has progressed through the years from stripey casual looks to some dressier styles from dresses to tops tunics etc. They also carry shoes . Paco is aimed at the 40+ age group making it a perfect spot to pick up something for your mom. 

There is loads more shops to be mentioned but for now I will leave you to go shop spotting these   ones  


TO BE CONTINUED ............................................................................................................................


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My fine Dining Experience


                 A Night of fine dining in picturesque Baltimore

My dinner date with my dear friends started in no where else other than one of my favourite boutiques Fiona's  the place in which I grew from a young lady to a mature women 
It had been almost four months since I had seen my former workmates so the ambiance started in the much loved boutique I once worked in for so many delightful years. 
As I passed through Leap a little village just outside Skibbereen the  Excitement of seeing my good friends arose from with in me.
Feeling nervous excited and slightly butterflyish I pulled in to powder my nose spray some perfume change into my glamorous skyscraper sandals  and make myself look presentable for my beloved second family. 
Sitting in my new to me mobile I felt a sense of glee at meeting the girls. Nothing could prepare me for the glamourous night of fine dining which lay ahead 
One by one the girls arrived , it was as if we'd never been apart .we started our night off with champagne in posh wine glasses and giggled and chatted like old school friends. 
As our evening closed in we set off chauffeur driven by the gent that is Mike to the secret destination which turned out to be the Mews  Restauraunt in Baltimore 
I had heard exquisite reports about this hidden little Restauraunt but had no idea what to expect 
On arrival we were greeted by a handsome bearded young chap who made us feel like we had just popped out of a film set. He was dressed to perfection and was very well spoken  
We were shown to our table with the lingering aromas of food surrounding us instantly tickling our tastebuds and wetting our palettes 
 There was no fuss knifes and forks , simple wine glasses and a simple page of  the local ingredients which we were about to be treated to 
Our wine glasses were poured and soon after our first dish arrived . It was different to the norm  a plate was placed centre stage in the middle of the table in which we all helped ourselves from The first dish replicated round croquettes .We were introduced to the ingredients told of its origin  and how it was made , this was the case with all the dishes.Being a local it made it all so exciting knowing the origin and history of the food 
Going by the name of the first dishes key ingredient Gubbeen  pork Fat you may think oh dear wheres my napkin ,  but on the first bite the taste of complete  luxury and perfection set the high barr for every other course that was to come . 
Moving on course by course we enjoyed marvellous local fresh  ingredients such as Hake, Wild Garlic ,Tarragon,Nasturtium, Lobster,Fennel, Cod,Barley,Duck,Green Beans,Honey,Guinness toast ,black currants ,raspberries and much much more 
Every dish was unique to anything I have ever put in my mouth before  , I have never quiet tasted such a bland of ingredients which worked all so perfect together ,
Mid way through our courses we received the main dish which was duck , the succulent melt in your mouth dish was to die for .Throughout the meal there was no salt no pepper no seasoning simply because you didn't need anything.It was perfect as it was .Everything was tenderised and cooked to perfection Leaving everlasting impressions of the meal and the experience 
As we Caught up we we're serenaded by the sound of easy to listen to  go with the flow music.The final course was round sugar coated warm doughnuts and mini cheesecakes , fresh Mary stouts black currents and union hall rasberries. It was the perfect ending to an exquisite meal. The meal ended with 5 very happy ladies sipping on tea and uuuuuhhiinngg and aaaahhhiing about what an amazing night was had. From start to finish the Mews was an experience fit for a King and queen. I have found a new appreciation for food since my night at the mews .Anybody who is a food lover and enjoys fine wines I would highly recommend this experience . Five Stars all the way 
It was surely a night I will never forget